There is usually no need for a Head Coach Search

• The majority of candidates present themselves, either directly or through their agents, who have their own fees and requirements
• Adding a search firm into the mix, therefore, adds little in terms of finding a candidate pool
• And can add a lot in terms of fees, additional time and complexity

BUT, there is huge value in a Head Coach Selection Process

• Finding candidates who could be right is not a challenge
• And finding reasons to hire them is not a challenge
• Finding the right candidate, for the right reasons, among the many is
• We partner with 21 st Club and our clients to run a process which helps inform and make sense of the decision-making process
• This combines both objective and subjective inputs, and recognises the combined value of data, framed by human understanding and insight, and gut feel analysed to understand what it is telling you and why
• We do this by applying a simple, efficient and holistic process to the candidates who apply and including suggestions of any others we think should have (within our fee)

Gut Analysis & Data Feel

We work with our clients to create a balanced scorecard approach which includes the following inputs:

Data analysis of playing style, approach and other criteria selected as important to the club, weighted to produce a Head Coach Index to sort prospects statistically according to their fit for the club
• A deeper data dive to understand the nuances behind the top-scoring candidates
Informal referencing within the market to gain a non-club view of those longlisted
Sourcing amongst our trusted network to ensure we have reached all those worth considering
Bespoke questionnaires for interviews to ensure any strengths and weaknesses are fully understood, as well as questions designed to understand cultural fit for the club
• Agreement on the scorecard weighting to allow for a combination of objective data and subjective ‘gut’ feel and to ensure all understand why they are inclined to make the decisions they are

We charge a flat fee to run a standard Head Coach Selection process. This includes:

• Creation of a weighted Head Coach Index and analysis of all applicants against these criteria
• Discreet sourcing and referencing within the market to bring any additional names to the table, plus a market view on those in consideration
• Deeper data dive on longlisted candidates
• Face to face meetings to discuss and shortlist candidates and ensure sense is made of the decisions being made
• Creation of bespoke questions for the shortlisted candidates
• Interview with each of the shortlisted candidates
• Candidate recommendation and thoughts on setting them up for success
• Feedback to those not selected
• We don’t charge on top of this agreed rate, there are no hidden costs