At the top of elite sport organisations, every decision is of the utmost importance – and those charged with making those decisions need to be able to perform at the highest level under the most extreme pressure.

At Elite Performance Partners we understand this and so our approach is different, unique even. Our team’s experience in the elite sporting environment and of executive-level recruitment has led us to formulate a truly effective executive search process that is about more than just providing clients with a list of available candidates who fit the job specification. During a search for a client, we utilise the latest market intelligence, internal and external industry expertise and our extensive network of sector specific specialists, to provide clients with a quality shortlist of candidates all of whom have the ability to perform effectively from day one.

That said, even the best-designed search techniques can on occasion come up short. But when it does, this is when Elite Performance Partner’s knowledge base makes a real difference. Our team’s history and experience in the sporting sector, in business development and in organisational consultation gives us a unique edge: because our own personal judgment informs and enhances the process. It is a crucial step in getting it right. Alongside our internal market research and bespoke psychometric profiling tools, it is our ability to judge candidates’ suitability that provides the key to our success.

All our executive searches are designed around the needs of the client. We tailor the method, timing and confidentiality of each search to the specific wishes of the organisation we are helping. Our rigorous, research-led headhunting ensures we discreetly achieve complete market coverage and a speedy and effective outcome.