Recruiting 8 Year Olds?

Our Managing Partner, Anna Edwards, was asked to join an esteemed panel as part of the final stages of The FA‘s, Level 4 in Talent Management, Strategy and Leadership course. The experience left her with this to share,

“As a panelist for The Football Association’s Level 4 in Talent Management, Strategy and Leadership final assessments, I have spent two days with Rick Parry, Alun Powell, Matt Richardson, Phil Church, discussing a very different type of recruitment.

How to spot opportunity, potential, natural ability, and cultural fit are all topics I am comfortable considering, even if I don’t have all the answers. But debating how – and whether – to do that when the ‘candidates’ are as young as eight and need safeguarding and support was unbelievably eye-opening. After eleven educational, challenging and often highly personal presentations, I am totally torn. And hugely grateful to those who shared their thoughts and learnings with us.”

To keep up with Anna’s activities and insights, you can connect with her on LinkedIn.


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