The recruitment and selection of the right candidate is one of the most important decisions an organisation can make. The right choice, and indeed the wrong one, can have a far-reaching impact.

No single approach guarantees success and it is certainly no longer acceptable to depend solely on “gut feel” or “personal recommendation”. There is broad agreement that job performance predictability improves when personality assessment is combined with structured interviews and reference taking. The best tools evaluate the basic employability of a candidate, indicate whether there is good job fit and provide a solid basis for coaching and career development at all levels, even senior leadership roles.

At Elite Performance Partners we offer all three services to help our clients objectively evaluate candidates and to provide as much information as possible to help them with their decision. When all parties agree to a psychometric assessment at the short list stage, we can offer both individual and team personality assessments using tools that help understand:

  • candidate’s personal needs, values and drivers;
  • day-to-day personality and work style;
  • how candidates are likely to cope under pressure, stress or in times of significant change; and
  • how personalities and workstyles within teams interrelate.