Management consultancy practices serve every business sector, developing models and initiatives for their clients to execute in order to drive efficiency, growth, profitability or other defined measure of success.

A common misconception is that the same principles can’t apply to elite sports teams and that there is some magic formula for success that is impossible to quantify. Of course this is not the case, there is no magic formula although there are elements that are common to successful teams that can be applied to every organisation and that can be moulded to be specific for you.

We won’t put 20 people into your organisation for a few weeks and then turn out a 200-page report that costs half a million pounds that few people read and even fewer implement. EPP is fortunate to work with some of the world’s leading teams and performance experts. Our role has become one of a facilitator of conversations that help create the understanding and alignment at ownership and board level of what a high-performance organisation looks like. This will be unique to your organisation and a provide a holistic integrated approach that your people can feel inspired by and in turn give you the best chance of success.