Filling key positions in elite sports organisations is a question of balance. Our clients want a quick turnaround but they also require a level of due diligence to give them confidence and comfort that they have done a thorough review of the market.

The experienced team at Elite Performance Partners has developed a six-step search process that ensures we can deliver the best result for the client with the minimum of disruption to their operation. Due to our cutting edge technology platform the whole operation is transparent: clients can monitor our executive search and head coach/manager recruitment processes through our bespoke digital tools. Clients can monitor their project and influence every step of the search process.

Step 1. Planning

Through rigorous questioning and investigation, we agree an in-depth job profile and strategy with our clients. This is an essential part of the process and helps introduce an agreed timetable and confirm the client’s needs and expectations.

Step 2. Research

Once the project details are agreed we begin the research process, sourcing potential candidates among our extensive network and conducting a detailed, targeted search of the market. This will include a balanced mix of candidates who are actively seeking new roles and those that have been identified as a potential fit. At this stage, our digital tools will give clients complete 24/7 access to the developing long list. From here they can help drive the process: sharing important feedback and agreeing benchmark profiles.

Step 3. Candidate Shortlist

As research advances, a final shortlist is agreed. Generally, we seek to refine the well-researched long list down to a more focused set of candidates: usually between three and five who will have all been through our rigorous pre-qualification stage.

Step 4. Interviews

Once the shortlist is compiled we move to first interviews. These start with informal meetings that allow both the client and the candidates to explore the role and its implications. As the interview stage progresses and becomes more formal, we provide a detailed de-brief of each session for both our client and the prospective new recruits. We believe that this close dialogue is key to informing the final decision.

Step 5. Closing

Because we believe in operating all stages of the process with the emphasis on completely open, honest and frank channels of communication, the relationships we establish help ensure that the closing process runs smoothly.

Step 6. On-Boarding

Once we have a successful recruit, we maintain regular contact between both parties, and counsel candidates through their transition, including advising on resigning and negotiating notice periods. This is a crucial step, because we know how vital a successful hire is for our client - and how disruptive an important career move can be for the new hire.