“We asked Elite Performance Partners to work with us to conduct a search for a new senior women’s head coach for football, following the departure of the previous head coach. It was a challenging search because of a range of complex factors.”

“Elite Performance Partners managed the search with great integrity and professionalism. It has been a delight to work with them throughout. Their thorough and rigorous approach to this global search has filled me with confidence that we have left no stone unturned.

Their knowledge of the high performance world and their understanding of the activities required for success allowed them to identify, assess and recommend high-calibre candidates from a variety of backgrounds and provide great insight into their suitability.”

Baroness Sue Campbell – Head of Women’s Football at The FA

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“In the past 3 years we’ve undertaken a large programme of restructuring to support a vision of future success for England football teams. Finding and attracting the right talent to support that sort of journey is a challenge in any circumstances, but can be particularly so when your reputation may not be high at the start and you want to find people with a different perspective to bring a competitive advantage.”

“Working with Elite Performance Partners over the past couple of years has enabled us to make some key hires that are pivotal to our strategy. The thoroughness of their research gave me the confidence that we had complete visibility of the market and their process created detailed profiles of potential hires who weren’t necessarily on our radar and which enabled me to make well informed shortlisting decisions.

In my opinion, the biggest differentiator Elite Performance Partners have is great domain specific knowledge. In short they understand high performance sport and this enables them to provide not just a process but a valued and trusted opinion outside the organisation which helped me to get to the right answers.”

Dave Reddin – Head of Team Strategy & Performance at The FA

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